Since we support our customers in the healthcare, food, and other essential services, we are continuing to operate with precautions being taken. We have done our best to minimize the possibility of exposure to COVID-19, but the chance of exposure cannot be eliminated. We ask that you respectfully abide by our posted guidelines.


  • Do not enter if you have a fever or feel sick.
  • Leave at-risk people at home when possible.
  • Limit to one person per family when possible.
  • Maintain a distance of 6-feet from other people.
  • Hand-washing/sanitizer when entering the shop
  • Masks are Mandatory

What you need to know as a customer:

  • Our Revised Hours are: 8AM-4PM Monday to Friday
  • We are currently accepting walk-in inquiries, limited to one person at a time. 
  • Please ring the bell once you’ve arrived and we will be happy to assist you

Thank you to our customers who are supporting the essential services and staying home as much as possible. Please contact us for any requirements or questions you may have.